School of Spatial &
Product Design

Muhammad Noorazly Bin Basrowi

Muhammad Noorazly Bin Basrowi

BA(Hons) Product Design
2021 — 2022
Azly is an empathetic and creative designer who always gives his best in his work. His strength is in clean and timeless design, identifying the essentials and eliminating the rest. Azly is trained in product design and taught himself graphic design. In all his works, he always tries to improve and challenge himself to fuel his ambition and maintain his high standards.


Additives for All

Additives for All is a data-driven platform for consumers to purchase their own customisable mouse. This service enables consumers customise and personalise their mouse by having their data collected through a data collecting device. This then informs the final customised mouse's forms, patterns, colours and finishing.

Additives for All speculates about the future of mass customisation through changing the purchasing experience of the consumers. It proposes that the future of mass customisation allows for data-driven design to prosper further and lead to a sustainable future.

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