School of Spatial &
Product Design

Sirish Bafna Jhyati

Sirish Bafna Jhyati

BA(Hons) Product Design
2019 — 2022
Sirish is an enthusiastic and passionate designer who enjoys creating, developing and innovating meaningful experiences that meet the needs of users, while also being environmentally sustainable.


Ganesha – Reimagining the future of Hindu sculptures

This project aims to intiate a discussion on what the sculpture of a deity could look like in the future by creating two simplified forms of Ganesha. The first is a deconstructed form, removing the deity's intricate details and simplifying them into a more minimal design, while retaining certain traditional characteristics. The second form is the designer's vision of what Hindu deities might look like in the future, in a time when people are more open to change and willing to adapt a simpler and more minimalist version of their idols.

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