School of Spatial &
Product Design

Wong Shi Ting

Wong Shi Ting

BA(Hons) Product Design
2021 — 2022

Shi Ting is an industrial designer, known for being a design rebel with a keen interest in imagining new lifestyles to make the world a better place, with increased sustainability and eco-circularity. She channels her rebelliousness in design by speculating on the future of design, with ideas that challenge conventional thinking and methods. Besides dabbling in other creative fields such as photography and videography, she is also invested in mastering the claw machine in her free time.


COAIR Air Purifier

This project aspires towards a circular world economy, prolonging the usage of raw materials by re-examining production and disposal processes, to utilise waste produced from cooking. Orange peel and charcoal are combined into a new material for aromatic air purification which can also be composted as a nutritional plant fertiliser.

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