School of Spatial &
Product Design

Honey Marinelle

Honey Marinelle

Diploma in Interior Design
2019 — 2022

Driven by her passion from an early age, Honey Marinelle's interest for interior design started when she played build-based games which allowed her to explore and create spaces. Since then, she firmly believes that design is a lifelong learning process and that the possibilities in design are never-ending. Her goal is to improve herself as a designer by working in the industry and sharpening her technical skills, as well as deepen her knowledge and understanding of interior design.


Choco Melt

Located at 50 Arab Street, Choco Melt is a fun chocolate hub that offers sculptural workshops, an opportunity for F&B indulgence, as well as an educational gallery for the general public. Suitable for chocolate lovers and people of all ages, Choco Melt is a recreational hub that aims to promote the usage of chocolate as an art form.

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