School of Spatial &
Product Design

Rachel Wee Mun Wen

Rachel Wee Mun Wen

Diploma in Interior Design
2019 — 2022
With a family background in the hospitality industry, Rachel has developed a keen eye for details within a space. This skill has allowed her to design in a holistic manner, with a thoughtful consideration of design decisions, which invokes certain sentiments within spaces. Her goal is to work on projects that add value to the human experience, providing a backdrop for the creation of memories.



Skindeep is a skincare workshop space with a bath house situated on the upper levels. This aims to provide a space in which people can learn about skincare ingredients while going through an elevated bathing experience. The goal is to create a sensorial and calming journey through the space, allowing urbanites to learn and fully immerse themselves in a moment of taking care of themselves.

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