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Amirah Haziqah

Amirah Haziqah

BA(Hons) Fine Arts

Amirah is a multidisciplinary art practitioner who seeks to uncover the domains of subconscious decisiveness.

Exploring different narratives and ideas through intuitive art-making, her works mainly revolve around illustrations and performance, ultimately connecting with her body on a deeper and more vulnerable level. Amirah hopes to find her authentic self and identity by shedding light on what is concealed within, making the unknown known through this process of creation.

Amirah is graduating with a BA(Hons) Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts. Previously a graduate with a Diploma in Animation from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, she was invited to perform for the Singapore Biennale in 2022. Her works are featured in exhibitions such as Mise En Scéne and One Night Only in 2022, as well as Ricochet in 2023.


So Long, Friend
Dimensions variable

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