McNally School
of Fine Arts

Gina Goh

Gina Goh

BA(Hons) Fine Arts

Gina is an artist graduating with a BA(Hons) Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts.

Her passion in art is derived from her creativity and interest in bringing new paradigms into contemporary art. Through an exploratory process, her works stretch the boundaries of different painting media, resulting in new insights and dimensions.

She has actively participated in local exhibitions and collaborations sich as Creative Unions x VANS Photo Exhibition in 2021, Art in Transit with local artist Kng Mian Tze for Woodlands South station in 2020, and an anti-littering mural for Woodlands GRC in 2015. Through her experiences, she aims to deliver works that can finally integrate and reveal the multiple facades that art possesses.


Gouache on canvas
Dimensions variable

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