McNally School
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Nur Syahirah

Nur Syahirah

BA(Hons) Fine Arts

Syahirah is a Singaporean multidisciplinary artist graduating with a BA(Hons) Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts.

With a Diploma in Media Production and Design from Republic Polytechnic, her pet medium has been photography. More recently, she has been working on 2D figurative drawings using charcoal in paints, hoping to eventually venture into mixed media by incorporating other mediums and materials into her works.

Identity has been a consistent topic of exploration in Syahirah's art practice, especially with the usage of the body as her main subject and the constant themes of concealment and reveals that permeate her work. Syahirah hopes to find a way to express herself comfortably in her works so that viewers can relate to her.


2D drawings
Dimensions variable

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