McNally School
of Fine Arts

Bhavatarini Damodaran (Kai)

Bhavatarini Damodaran (Kai)

Diploma in Fine Arts

Kai is an interdisciplinary artist based in Singapore. Their art draws from their experiences as a queer minority child of working-class immigrant parents. These inform their work as they contend with distilling a cohesive narrative in the face of multiple, fragmented realities across peoples and histories.

Kai's process exemplifies this spirit of exploration, as they are constantly concocting different ways to express any single idea. Their process often involves making multiple permutations of an image, each branching out from the previous version and revealing another layer of complexity.

For them, art is an intellectual and spiritual pursuit. Kai regards their art as a tool for actualisation and powerful perspective-taking – a place where new meanings can be formed and radical, unprecendented connections may surface.


72 x 30 x 60 cm

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