McNally School
of Fine Arts

Danielle Doctor

Danielle Doctor

Diploma in Fine Arts

For as long as she can remember, Danielle has been honing her skills in art. Hailing from the Phillippines, she was originally a musician due to her upbringing, but grew to love art when she found out she could draw.

Danielle's venture into art has allowed her to utilise other mediums that extend her range of talent – from sketching on paper to painting and digital art. Some of her major influences include pop culture, punk and pop music, graffiti art, Renaissance paintings, surrealism, dark art and Damien Hirst's body of work.

Danielle's use of art allows her to challenge the boundaries of different textures and media, utilising historical and online trends to suit society's version of contemporary art so she can explore the depths of social issues and opinions.


We're All Butterflies
Acrylic on canvas
914 x 1219 mm, 609 x 1219 mm

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