McNally School
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Koh Jia Ling (JL)

Koh Jia Ling (JL)

Diploma in Fine Arts

JL is an emerging mixed-media fine art artist, graduating with a Diploma in Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts.

Her interest in nature leads her to draw inspiration from the natural landscape and its issues. JL focuses on exploring medium-specific techniques and extracting materials to create new contemporary-leaning artwork while still linking back to her ancestors' roots. She engages with the community around her and takes part in volunteering to give back to the arts community in order to create heartfelt works.

JL is a part of The Living Dream Room, a youth art collective using multiple disciplines to bring storytelling to a conventional gallery space. In 2022, its first curated exhibition was held at *SCAPE as part of Realise Your Somerset Project Season 2, *SCAPE Comma, and Singapore Art Week 2023.

In 2022, JL interned at Singapore Tyler Print Institute as an Education and Outreach programme intern. In the same year, she participated in two mural painting community engagement projects for KK Women's and Children's Hospital and Red Cross Association Singapore respectively. Currently, she is an art educator who mainly teaches children aged four to 10 years old at HiArt Company.


Yellow Lotus, 黄莲花 huáng liánhuā
Joss paper, origami
320 x 160 cm

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