McNally School
of Fine Arts

Nur Raiisyah

Nur Raiisyah

Diploma in Fine Arts

Raiisyah is a multidisciplinary artist and illustrator based in Singapore who specialises in graphic novels with a background in animation, character designing and storyboarding.

Her artworks often explore notions of the self and her life experiences using a variety of media, ranging from soft sculptures and animation to videos and digital illustrations. She is interested in creating new symbolic meanings and recontextualising existing objects in her creative narratives.

Raiisyah's more recent works delve into psychological themes, investigating the idea of the shadow self. One of the many psychological themes in her work is the unconscious, repressed and hidden sides of humanity, as well as how being able to understand and embrace these sides of ourselves will allow more balance in our lives.


61 x 51 cm

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