McNally School
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Rafandi Bin Mij Nasir (rafalukis)

Rafandi Bin Mij Nasir (rafalukis)

Diploma in Fine Arts

Rafandi (rafalukis) is an intergalactic, multidimensional and interdisciplinary artist based in Singapore. With experience in a variety of media, from digital illustration to pen and markers, his fantasy works are a creative expression of his experiences as a queer person.

Core features of Rafandi's work include the human body and fun imaginative fiction, which he uses as tools to inquire about issues regarding gender and sexuality. The influence of pop culture and confident, empowering game characters in his work is obvious in his art. Drawing from a variety of sources, Rafandi engages with the notion of constant flux within his environments.


Kau Pondan?
Poster print
59 x 84 cm

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