McNally School
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Li Szu

Li Szu

MA Fine Arts

Li Szu is a multidisciplinary artist inspired by embodied responses to space and time. Informed by her personal encounters, she is interested in the power and potential of movement to change one's state of being.

In her research and studio-based practice, she discovers ways of extending the body's reach through gestural ink drawings, fluid sculptures and performance. Li Szu responds to the present moment and melds body, breath and flow into her work, composed of visual traces of movement, alluding at the possibilities across planes.

Li Szu has been part of a residency programme and exhibited at PADA Studios in Lisbon, Portugal (2019) and at Zhongshan Building in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2018). She completed her BA in Product Design from Central Saint Martins (2009) where she was also a selected participant at D&AD Design Workshop with Pentagram (2007). She has worked across the design industry with a particular interest in innovation. She co-organised Asia’s first Social Innovation Camp (2012).


The Unfurling Planes
Soft sculptures
Dimensions variable

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