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BA(Hons) Animation Art


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In a world where dogs consume feathers to become powerful wolves, Rob, a lonesome robber, steals a bag of rare M.U.R.B.Y feathers in order to achieve his dreams of becoming the most magnificent wolf.

However, after losing all of his M.U.R.B.Y feathers to a strong gust of wind, he falls deep into the trenches of the swamps and wakes up in a muddy field. Stumbling upon something unexpected, Rob befriends an unlikely companion as what he discovers takes him on a journey of moral dilemmas.

A film by: Jonyl Tan, Arcilla Meghan, Poh Joanne

Film type: Animation
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Runtime: 00:08:58

Country: Singapore
Language: English