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In 1980s Singapore, Yu Qi, a young secret society member, abandons her fellow members after a failed hit on their client. As discord amidst the gang brews, Yu Qi is directed to undertake a particular job as a penultimate act of loyalty towards the gang. Befuddled by her worlds colliding, Yu Qi’s devotion is put into question - forcing her to choose between her blood-forged family or her estranged mother.

Film type: Short fiction
Genre: Action, Drama, Historical, Thriller
Aspect ratio: 2.39:1
Runtime: 00:20:00

Country: Singapore
Language: Hokkien, Chinese

Director: Angeline Klarissa
Assistant Director: Sonia Lim
Producer: Zackery Wang
Assistant Producer: Tevka Isfandiyar Haiza
Scriptwriter: Angeline Klarissa, Tevka Isfandiyar Haiza
Editor: Ashvin Segar
Cinematographer: Winston Hong
Audio Mixing: Niranjan Samuel Bennet
Production Designer: Han Shih Min
Art Director: Muhamad Irfan
Art Assistants: Tara Moosa, Kho Kai Lin, Arel Koh, Stephen Yanny, Yasmin Raine, Alisa Fellah
Hair and Makeup: Syazana Rasid
Hair and SFX Makeup Assistants: Angeline Klarissa, Dong Yutong
Script Supervisor: Nicholas Lee
Script Translator: Ong Leang Ren
1st Camera Assistant: Syakir Bahrin
2nd Camera Assistant: Susan Won
DIT: Ashvin Segar
Gaffer: Haritz Jasni
Best Boy: Danial Zainuidin
Lighting Grips: Cheang Hao Wen, Andre Chong, Asyraf Jalil, Izzul Hakim
Production Manager: Nuryn Adryana
Associate Producer: Peter Choi
Production Assistants: Kyra Tan, Oscar Larrea, Wong Xiao Xuan
Production Drivers: Haritz Jasni, Syakir Bahrin, Nuryn Adryana, Winston Hong
Colorist: Eugene Seah
Graphics Designer: Tanika Natami
Stunt Choreographer: Sunny Pang
Stunt Coordinators: Sunny Pang, Jaymeson Olivero
Stunt Assistant: James Takada