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Fishing for Words

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Fishing for Words follows 58-year-old Sherwin Tang, a former fitness instructor, who suffers from Receptive Aphasia, a condition which left him unable to comprehend words and language. In early 2015, Sherwin’s life changed forever when a devastating hemorrhagic stroke rendered him in a locked-in state. As time progressed, he emerged from his coma only to find himself a completely different person.

His condition resulted in him being forced to retire from his teaching career. Additionally, he had to undergo daily speech therapy to regain his speech. Most of all, he could no longer perform his fishing hobby that he used to enjoy. Will Sherwin be able to regain lost words and a newfound purpose in the face of his ‘invisible’ condition?

Film type: Short documentary
Genre: Biopic, Drama
Aspect ratio: 4:3, 1:33.1
Runtime: 00:10:56

Country: Singapore
Language: English

Director: Alton Ron Tan
Producer: Alton Ron Tan
Assistant Producer: Celestine Pang
Scriptwriter: Alton Ron Tan
Editor: Alton Ron Tan
Cinematographer: Ong Leang Ren
Audio Mixing: Tara Junxian Moosa
Camera Operator 1: Ong Leang Ren
Camera Operator 2: Gavin Chua
Location Sound Recordist: Tara Junxian Moosa
BTS Stills and Event Photographer: Tan Ker Wei
Production Assistant: Tevka Isfandiyar Haiza