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BA(Hons) Film

Skin Deep

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Aaron, a closeted gay man, tries to navigate a recent break-up with his ex-boyfriend Siva through meaningless casual encounters while dealing with discrimination from society and his family. The emotional pain begins to physically fester inside him when Siva invites him to attend his pet’s funeral. During the funeral, Aaron is crippled by the pain from a strange wound.

Film type: Short fiction
Genre: Drama, Horror
Aspect ratio:  2.39:1
Runtime: 00:15:14

Country: Singapore
Language: English

Director: Rahul Perambakkam Gajendrakumar
Assistant Director: Sonia Lim
Producer: Tevka Isfandiyar Haiza
Assistant Producer: Angeline Klarissa
Scriptwriter: Nicholas Lee
Editor: Nithin Reddy
Cinematographer: Izzul Hakim
Audo Mixing: Sebastian Tim Rabald
Production Designer: Sri Suzyanie