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The World I Live In Doesn't Exist

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The World I Live In Doesn’t Exist is a documentary about depersonalisation and derealisation, a form of dissociation where those afflicted experience sensations of isolation, alienation and unreality as they experience dream-like, out-of-body feelings and sensations, as well as distress and doubt over whether they are real or in control.

Recounted through surreal animation and poignant soundbites, the film follows the anecdotes of Trith, an anonymous individual from France who has battled chronic symptoms for 20 years, leaving him feeling ‘non-existent’ and ‘like a robot,’ and Lamthan, a young Thai art graduate with an artistic interest in identity. Through their anecdotes, the film reveals how these symptoms affected their lives, emotionally and socially, challenging our understanding of identity and humanity.

Film type: Short documentary
Genre: Action, Biopic, Adventure, Children, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller, War
Aspect ratio: 1.90:1
Runtime: 00:14:42

Country: Singapore, Thailand, France
Language: English, Thai

Director: Tan Ker Wei
Producer: Celestine Pang Dian Long
Editor: Tan Ker Wei
Cinematographer: Muhammad Haritz Bin Mohd Jasni
Soundtrack: Matthew Ng
Animator: Tan Ker Wei
Location Sound Recordist: Sebastian Tim Rabald