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Kasandra, Chris and Hayden were close friends from university who used to go camping together every few weeks. On their next camping trip, Chris invites along his beloved girlfriend Kasandra. As tempers fray at the camping grounds, things go south for the group.

Film type: Short film
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
Aspect ratio: 16:9

Country: Singapore
Language: English

Director: Sabrina Kaur D/O Noorrazlan
Assistant Director: Muhamad Dzakir Bin Abdul Daud
Producer: Sabrina Kaur D/O Noorrazlan
Assistant Producer: Muhammad Faidhi Bin Fadiliah
Scriptwriter: Sabrina Kaur D/O Noorrazlan, Muhammad Faidhi Bin Fadiliah
Editor: Muhammad Faidhi Bin Fadiliah
Cinematographer: Muhamad Dzakir Bin Abdul Daud
Audio Mixing: Muhammad Faidhi Bin Fadiliah
Soundtrack: Muhammad Faidhi Bin Fadiliah
Visual Effects: Nur Mayangsari Binte Zazali