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A doctor battles between her morality and her cult's beliefs. She unexpectedly meets one of her victims and the mastermind while trying to leave the cult.

Film type: Short fiction
Genre: Thriller
Aspect ratio: 16:9

Country: Singapore
Language: English

Director: Park Nayeong
Assistant Director: Fernandez Jane Melanie Ouano
Producer: Erica Foo Suz Yen
Assistant Producer: Voon Rong Hong
Scriptwriter: Park Nayeong
Editor: Aloysius Ho Jia Jie
Cinematographer: Alissa Nikizheva
Soundtrack: Danse macabre, S. 555/R. 240 by Franz Liszt, I’ll Never Smile Again by Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra
Art Directors: Erica Foo Suz Yen, Park Nayeong
Art Assistant: Voon Rong Hong
Camera Assistants: Ahmad Syahmii, Amirul Sibarani
Casting: Erica Foo Suz Yen
Casting Associates: Fernandez Jane Melanie Ouano, Voon Rong Hong, Marcus Lim
Gaffer: Aloysius Ho Jia Jie, Muhamad Isfadli Bin Sazali, Ahmad Syahmii
Grips: Saleh Hussain, Amirul Sibarani, Tang Yao Yu
Location Recordists: Aloysius Ho Jia Jie, Muhamad Isfadli Bin Sazali, Saleh Hussain
Makeup Artist: Fernandez Jane Melanie Ouano
Special Effects Artist: Park Nayeong
Hair Stylist: Aloysius Ho Jia Jie
Wardrobe: Erica Foo Suz Yen, Fernandez Jane Melanie Ouano
Production Assistants: Marcus Lim, Esen Raul
Main Editor: Aloysius Ho Jia Jie
Co-editor: Park Nayeong
Visual Effects Artist: Park Nayeong
Audio Mixers: Park Nayeong, Aloysius Ho Jia Jie
Colorist: Voon Rong Hong
Subtitles: Erica Foo Suz Yen
Data Wrangler: Aloysius Ho Jia Jie, Alissa Nikizheva
Data Management: Erica Foo Suz Yen
Social Media Manager: Voon Rong Hong