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The Third Hour

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Miyake is a young Japanese woman diagnosed with schizophrenia. In desperate need for a breakthrough from her traumatic past, she tries to find a way to cope with her mental health.

In the midst of her battle with her illness, there seems to always be something or someone lurking in the dark. Inhabited by a presence, she questions herself – is it all just a figment of her imagination or something real?

Film type: Short fiction
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Aspect ratio: 16:9

Country: Singapore
Language: English

Director: Malcolm John Lim Tian Lun
Assistant Director: Milza Jamil
Producer: Riff Noor Azan
Assistant Producer: Milza Jamil
Scriptwriter: Malcolm John Lim Tian Lun
Editor: Malcolm John Lim Tian Lun
Cinematographer: Malcolm John Lim Tian Lun
Audio Mixing: Riff Noor Azan
Soundtrack: Malcolm John Lim Tian Lun
Assistant Editor: Marcus Benjamin Lim Tian Le
Assistant Sound: Sabrina Kaur