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Diploma in Broadcast Media

Time Capsule

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Three friends, James, Veera, and Aisha, decide to go back to their primary school to dig up a time capsule they buried years ago as students. Things don’t go to plan as they begin their search and incidents from their past start to come back, causing them to question the strength of their bond and whether they truly know each other. As morals are questioned and values challenged, will their friendship prevail?

Film type: Short fiction
Genre: Thriller
Aspect ratio: 16:9

Country: Singapore
Language: English

Director: Maadhuri Sooraj
Producer: Zhakyra Binte Zulkiflee
Assistant Producer: Glen Tan Zheng Hao
Scriptwriter: Maadhuri Sooraj, Roshan Haridas
Editor: Roshan Haridas
Cinematographer: Zhakyra Binte Zulkiflee
Director of Photography: Zhakyra Binte Zulkiflee
Camera Assistant: Jarryl Lim
Gaffers: Muhd Danial, Asfa Danish
Grips: Faid Danial, Khairul Fahmi, Raiyan Mikhail, Jackson Mok, Ng Tuck Poh
Production Mixer: Akarin Lee
Boom Operator: Jackson Mok
Assistant Editor: Glen Tan Zheng Hao
Wardrobe: Maadhuri Sooraj
Makeup Artist: Loheswari
Art Director: Roshan Haridas
Art Assistants: Haris Shah, Haresh Sooraj, Nisant Sharmah Pragaas, Nur Surianita