School of
Dance & Theatre

Evelyn An

Evelyn An

Diploma in Dance
2020 — 2023

Evelyn is graduating with a Diploma in Dance from LASALLE College of the Arts in 2023. With her dance training strongly rooted in street styles, her time in LASALLE provided her with a platform to expand into different genres, as well as demonstrate her talents and abilities in choreography and performance. Evelyn's performances in the College include Tipping Points, Esplanade's da:ns fest, and the dance grad show.

Evelyn harnesses the power of structured dance movements to help with physical rehabilitation as well as enhance coordination, strength and health. She aspires to further her career as a dance instructor and dance therapist, using dance and movement as a therapeutic method to treat physical, emotional and behavioural problems. Evelyn also hopes to inspire and share her love for dance with people with disabilities and those struggling with mental illness.

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