School of
Dance & Theatre

Danial Zulqarnain Putra (Dann)

Danial Zulqarnain Putra (Dann)

Diploma in Theatre Production and Management
2020 — 2023

Dann has a passion for music, photography and theatre. He has performed in countless shows and productions with Nadi Singapura Ltd, a Malay drums and percussion ensemble. Outside of performing, Dann has an interest in sound design. During his time in the Diploma in Theatre Production and Management at LASALLE College of the Arts, he has worked with reputable practitioners such as Edith Podesta, Felipe Cervera and Peter Zazzali.

Dann has undertaken a variety of roles including technical manager, lighting programmer, head of set construction as well as sound engineer and designer. He interned with Wild Rice, working closely with artists, directors and designers for the theatre company’s productions. Dann hopes to put his knowledge and skills to good use and continue working in the entertainment, events and theatre industry.

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