School of
Dance & Theatre

Ira Lacsina

Ira Lacsina

Diploma in Theatre Production and Management
2020 — 2023

Ira is a non-Singaporean who has lived in Singapore for practically her whole life. During her time in the Diploma in Theatre Production and Management programme at LASALLE College of the Arts, Ira fell in love with building sets. The exciting process of building and taking on a project from start to finish gave her invaluable experience.

Ira is an independent worker who takes initiative but also collaborates well in a team. She aspires to stay in this industry as a set builder and to continue in lighting as a freelancer. Through LASALLE, Ira has had the opportunity to work in the industry as a set assistant and a stagehand for set-ups and teardowns. She is very thankful for all the experiences she has had for the past seven years and cannot wait to learn more.

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