School of
Dance & Theatre

Nurul Khatima (Khat)

Nurul Khatima (Khat)

Diploma in Theatre Production and Management
2021 — 2023

Nurul Khatima, usually known as Khat, embarked on her music career when she was 16. She started out with Batidas Centro, a percussion group in ITE College Central. Working on a theatre show with Batidas was the spark that led Khat to study performance production at ITE followed by a Diploma in Theatre Production and Management in LASALLE College of the Arts.

During her time in LASALLE, Khat took on production roles including head of construction, set builder, chief props maker and assistant stage manager. She has worked alongside Cherlyn Woo, Blake Hackler, Erwin Shah Ismail and Petrina Dawn Tan. Upon graduating, Khat wishes to continue her theatre journey, venturing into other departments and having a long-lasting career in the industry.

Outside of theatre, Khat is also a current member of Motus and Nadi Singapura. She is admired for her passion and enthusiasm.

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