School of Design Communication

Afiq Syazani Bin Shubi Din

Afiq Syazani Bin Shubi Din

BA(Hons) Design Communication

Afiq is a visual creative with a practice driven by curiosity, bright visuals and music. From drafting singing line-ups into funky posters, capturing scenes of lifesavers and meddling with the knacks of a prestige skincare brand, Afiq is continuously looking to discover what being creative has to offer.

On the side, he is a notorious tote bag collector and more proudly, an all-the-nice graphic-design-books hoarder. As of recently, he is most passionate about documenting convex mirrors. Otherwise, you will find him trying to decode on p5.js.


Colour Coding: Music notations in colour

Colour Coding explores the possibilities of experimental musical notation using colour as the primary visual element. Through a series of experiments that range from analogue input to generative code, speculative forms of musical notation are created that push the boundaries of traditional score design. This project illustrates a series of outcomes that may offer a new way for musicians, composers or even the average person to read music.

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