School of Design Communication

Cordellia Putri

Cordellia Putri

BA(Hons) Design Communication

Cordellia is a communication designer whose constant curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit allows her to come up with (sometimes absurd) creative ideas. She enjoys problem solving and questioning why things are the way they are, usually through thorough research and asking 'why?'


Hairy Hooman

The Hairy Hooman project is a discursive project that uses human hair waste as material in design. Through material and subject explorations, the project aims to desensitise the negative perception towards the fibre. If humans could get over their disgust, human hair waste - available in abundant supply - can be a good source of design material. Theories of 'Speciesism' inspired the project to address the man-animal connection, prompting interest in the material by using the subject of a dog.

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