School of Design Communication

Zuhaira Syaza Binte Amir Khaled

Zuhaira Syaza Binte Amir Khaled

BA(Hons) Design Communication

Zuhaira is a communications designer who utilises storytelling as a key tool in uncovering lesser-known narratives. She enjoys explosive uses of colours and is primarily interested in typography, branding or printed matter. During her free time, she can be found settling kibble politics with her two cats or discovering new songs to get hooked to on Spotify.


Siapa Aku (Who Am I)?

Siapa Aku (Who Am I)? highlights the way of life belonging to Singapore’s former southern islanders, the Orang Pulau. By preserving their diminishing intangible cultural heritage, the project hopes to shed light on the islanders’ humble way of life, which has been eclipsed by current nation-building narratives.

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