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Kaie Slater

Kaie Slater

Diploma in Design for Communication and Experiences

As an India-born American raised in Singapore, Kaie's appreciation for design has been shaped by his exposure to various artistic styles in diverse cultural settings. He immersed himself in the fields of graphic communications, product design, photography and film to aid his design career. Kaie regards himself as a T-shaped designer with a passion for constantly expanding his knowledge and eye for aesthetics. He enjoys creating absurdist works that make people go "ooo", "ahh" and, most often, "um, what?!".



LOST ADRIFT is a critique and an antidote to the post-pandemic society. Its fold-out map will guide viewers through tales of unsettling times, providing valuable insight into the art of isolation and new world drifting. Whether they are stranded as a castaway or in need of a break from reality, LOST ADRIFT has the answer for all viewers.

For the wayward Gen Z and seafaring citizens, LOST ADRIFT is a valuable resource and the ultimate navigational tool.



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