School of Design Communication

Lew Jia Hui Joscelyn

Lew Jia Hui Joscelyn

Diploma in Design for Communication and Experiences

Prior to pursuing her interest in design, Joscelyn was a preschool educator for three years. Her experiences of working with children have taught her to be genuine, empathetic and how to play, while approaching situations and problems in unorthodox ways. To keep up with their high energy, she exercises to build her stamina, always geared up and ready to tackle the heavy lifting of any design problem.

As a versatile and curious creative, she is excited to explore the endless possibilities of design assimilation into almost anything and everything. Joscelyn cannot wait to use her various skill sets to make a difference beyond the design industry.



EZPZ is a brand that hopes to inspire a social movement for the next generation. EZPZ's vision is to encourage Gen Z to make small changes that will lead to significant impacts for the environment.

The brand is committed to raising awareness about plastic pollution, particularly the impact of microplastics in the oceans, with the hope of empowering the community to take action and become conscious world citizens. Utilising social media campaigns, augmented reality filters and recycled plastic merchandise, EZPZ hopes to spread the message and inspire others to take action, doing it EZPZ'ly.

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