School of Design Communication

Siti Juwairiyah Bte Mohd Sukri

Siti Juwairiyah Bte Mohd Sukri

Diploma in Design for Communication and Experiences

Fascinated by the design process, Juwai is driven by a desire to create with intention and purpose. Her design work encompasses a range of mediums, including publication and photography. Juwai’s love of food and experimentation translates seamlessly into her work as she enjoys exploring new techniques and infusing humour into what she does.



Santeh is a lifestyle campaign that promotes sustainable living by embracing the importance of slow living. By encouraging individuals to break free from the speed and hyperreality of modern life, Santeh aims to inspire a more mindful and intentional approach to everyday living. The campaign seeks to empower individuals to adopt a more sustainable practice and leave a positive impact on the planet.

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