School of Design Communication

Tiara Rivera

Tiara Rivera

Diploma in Design for Communication and Experiences

Tiara Rivera is a Singaporean graphic designer. Her work ranges from experimenting with print and publication designs to experimental typography. She constantly pushes herself to explore new approaches and research methodologies beyond the traditional realms of design and communication, as she believes that design should go beyond aesthetics and challenges functionality.

Tiara also enjoys the experimental nature of studio practice, and finds beauty in incidental serendipity in her design process. Besides studying design, she is always hunting for the best pasta in town!



3.5 is a magazine that promotes using waste materials to create something new and beautiful. By turning bacteria culture (kombucha) into sustainable vegan leather, 3.5 aims to reduce waste and encourage the construction of a community that values the environment, while providing a stylish and ethical alternative to traditional leather products.

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