School of Design Communication

Nithyashree Ramanathan

Nithyashree Ramanathan

MA Design

With a background in visual communication, Nithya has a fondness for children and a love for design. She believes that learning experiences define one's perception of any subject.

Nithya strives to make a difference in the educational sector through design and research, hoping to imbue an element of amusement and fun in today's classroom designs. Though problems can be compartmentalised, their solutions are holistic - Nithya aspires to find such solutions through the lens of design.


Gamifying Thirukkural – Redesigning and reinterpreting ancient literature for the contemporary world

Having been long fascinated by the prospect of redefining and restructuring long-established or traditional approaches, this designer sought to explore how ancient literature could be taught using contemporary techniques. The outcome is Kreedam, a board game which can be used in classrooms to inspire inquisitiveness in children about literature. It calls on us to cherish our legacies but also enter the world of play.

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