School of Design Communication

Rubashi Brahma

Rubashi Brahma

MA Design

Rubashi is a detail-oriented graphic designer with a passion for solving diverse design problems and working collaboratively to achieve common goals. During her master's degree, she learned about the power of participatory design, which enabled her to support her community through design. Rubashi's interests in traveling, photography, painting and exploring different cultures have given her a unique perspective that she brings to her work. With her commitment to delivering high-quality, passionate work, Rubashi is always looking for new challenges to push her creative limits.


‘Aagor’: An identity-sustaining textile heritage by decolonising artisanal design.

This research aims to sustain textile heritage as a tangible representation of cultural identity, acknowledging intangible cultural heritage. It proposes an interactive online platform and textile-based products to connect tangible and intangible forms for understanding their interrelationship.

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