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Khairina Sari Binte Ramlan

Khairina Sari Binte Ramlan

BA(Hons) Fashion Design and Textiles

Khairina Sari's work in fashion design explores the challenges and notions of modest wear by redefining what goes beyond the Muslim woman's way of dressing. Her use of ethereal drapery and romantic silhouettes creates a sense of otherworldliness that transports the wearer to a place of purity and wonder. From the unconventional fabrics she chooses to the elaborate silhouettes she creates, Khairina's designs are a testament to her creativity and expertise.


Underneath the veil

Modest culture has been altered, manipulated, and misinterpreted by many in defining the true meaning of Islam. Underneath the veil aims to challenge the notion of modest wear by uncovering and redefining what goes beyond the Muslim woman's way of dress, particularly the hijab.

The six-look collection uncovers and rediscovers the different types of Islamic veils: the burqa, niqab and hijab. Basic veiling silhouettes are manipulated and redefined, changing the normality of how the veils are customarily worn. The use of unconventional fabrics that are not often seen in Islamic dressing further provokes the notion of it being daring and true to its wearer.

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