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Liang Baiyi

Liang Baiyi

BA(Hons) Fashion Design and Textiles

Liang Baiyi is an experienced fashion designer who specialises in pattern making, cutting, and 3D embroidery. She focuses on creating innovative, detail-oriented designs that exude a bold and beautiful aesthetic. A dedicated team player, she is also proficient in detailed sewing, design tools and the latest online softwares. She is constantly learning new skills to excel in the fashion industry.


Snack Time! 

In today's consumerist society, the narrative ‘consumption is the true way of identifying oneself’ that is propagated by capitalists has led to blurred lines between wants and needs.

The work employs a playful and ironic approach to reveal and critique this phenomenon, advocating for rationality in the face of mass consumption. Drawing inspiration from pop art, which popularised consumerism, Snack Time! explores how individuals are both consumers in the mass market and also consumed by the capital market. This work prompts reflection on needs versus wants and encourages more thoughtful shopping behaviours.

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