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Brigitta Viannie Djakarya

Brigitta Viannie Djakarya

BA(Hons) Fashion Media and Industries

Brigitta is an aspiring fashion practitioner who is constantly motivated by passion and creativity. As an Indonesian, her culture is very close to her heart. She believes that her work serves as an extension of herself, expressing and symbolizing her as a creative individual. She uses self-exploration to find depth in her works, herself, and anything — as far as her mind can wander. Being an eager learner, she enjoys image-making, fashion styling, and digital creations.



SELAKSANA is a publication that utilizes the fashion lens to push forward Indonesian women's empowerment, bringing to light the underrepresented stories of Balinese women with the aim of creating a powerful representation of their identity. By turning real-life stories into fashion images, the designer hopes to change perspectives, start conversations and inspire women.

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