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Kelly Lewi

Kelly Lewi

BA(Hons) Fashion Media and Industries

Kelly is an artist with a strong passion for visual creation. She has been honing her skills in digital imaging for several years, driven by the arhour to translate narratives into compelling visuals.

As a multifacted creative, Kelly enjoys intertwining storytelling, art directing and fashion into her works. She looks for inspiration in the world's evolving culture and human experiences even as she dabbles in different projects. Kelly is also experienced in editorial writing, with fashion stories in particular.

Work aside, she is simply a calm girl who enjoys her Americano in the morning and cakes in the afternoon.



M74-5 is a publication that speculates on the fictional parallel universe of the same name. Inspired mainly by Barong, it focuses on a post-humanist Indonesia inhabited by humanoid cyborgs. Ultimately, the publication ponders the future of human evolution: what place will fashion hold in a posthumanist society?

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