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Rahul Rayn

Rahul Rayn

BA(Hons) Fashion Media and Industries

Driven by a love for K-pop bands like BTS, Girls Generation and NCT, Rahul curates male identities through emotive images. Armed with a holistic global vision, he possesses an innate understanding of what makes a fashion 'moment'. Weaving together creative brilliance and polished execution, Rahul strives to grab viewers' attention and command it with his work.


화랑 (Knights of Tomorrow)

화랑 (Knights of Tomorrow) Hwarang, the fictional boy band, is an exhibition space which aims to detoxify public perception of the Singaporean male body. By transposing the concept of Hallyu K-pop wave-style masculinity into the Singaporean lexicon, Rahul reimagines the Singaporean man of tomorrow.

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