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Yoon Jin Y

Yoon Jin Y

BA(Hons) Fashion Media and Industries

Graduating with a BA(Hons) Fashion Media and Industries from LASALLE College of the Arts, Jin Y has honed her skills in visual storytelling and content creation across various media platforms. Her passion for branding and the fashion business has led her to explore the intersection between creativity and commerce. With her background, she aspires to be a part of the fashion industry’s dynamic and innovative future.



Kollect is an Indonesia-based e-commerce platform that offers users easy access to Korean fashion items that are difficult to get in Indonesia. Kollect is a potential platform for both users and sellers looking for an easy and reliable way to purchase and sell Korean fashion products. With a machine learning recommendation system, B2B features, and seller support, Kollect is a unique one-stop shop for Korean fashion needs in Indonesia.

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