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Shifanaya Vanya

Shifanaya Vanya

Diploma in Creative Direction for Fashion

Vanya's artistic finesse and spirit of excellence are evident in her diverse body of work. Her multidisciplinary approach to creativity allows her to seamlessly navigate various mediums, ranging from styling, photography and modelling to directing and marketing.

With every project, she takes on the challenge of conceptualising and executing it with precision and passion, carefully crafting each element to perfection. As a budding entrepreneur, she has a unique ability to blend her creative vision with business acumen, resulting in truly captivating content. Through her work, Vanya hopes to instill a sense of excellence and confidence in her fellow artists and the next generation of creatives.


Limitless Embrace with Lacoste

Limitless Embrace is a visual celebration of warmth, friendship and community through a polished collection of images. The hero product is presented as an essential and versatile item, effortlessly blending into the fabric of everyday life. The project embodies the timeless adage, 'Friends are the family we choose'. The designer stands behind the lens, capturing her friends with candour and genuine love.

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