School of Spatial &
Product Design

Garric Leong Foo Weng

Garric Leong Foo Weng

BA(Hons) Product Design

Garric is an aspiring product designer who prioritises function and efficiency in his work. He is passionate about creating products that not only look good but also perform well and make people's lives easier.

Garric believes that good design should be accessible and practical, and he strives to create intuitive and easy-to-use products. He is dedicated to continuous learning and innovation, and he is excited to contribute his skills and creativity to the world of product design.



SNAVI is a mobility chair designed to alleviate manpower strain in a nursing home by automating the transport of residents within the confines of the facility. It is a proof of concept for transporting individuals via autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence over manual human input. Users can simply input instructions into the rear-mounted smart pad and send the chair on its way.

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