School of Spatial &
Product Design

Hariz Ilmani bin Zulkefli

Hariz Ilmani bin Zulkefli

BA(Hons) Product Design

Hariz believes that design is an extension of expression. As an industrial designer, he focuses on ethnographic approaches to empathise with his target audiences. Hariz achieves this by solving even the most subjective, simple problems with what he believes is the most elegant implementation.

Hariz's design process begins with observation and personal experiences. Considering new archetypes, he considers an inconvenient user experience as an opportunity to create something entirely refreshing. Hariz wants and dares to be different.


The 'A'-Wing

The 'A'-Wing is a foldable patient trolley that tackles the healthcare bed crunch issue. It uses a hydraulic piston mechanism that ensures it folds and deploys with ease. Four 'A'-Wing beds can be stored in the place of one regular patient trolley. Designed for healthcare professionals, the 'A'-Wing ensures efficient and compact storage capability.

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