School of Spatial &
Product Design

Nurizzah Hazirah Bte Md Tahar

Nurizzah Hazirah Bte Md Tahar

BA(Hons) Product Design

Nurizzah is a product designer who focuses heavily on the principle of form follows function. Constantly keeping users in mind, she believes that design is the most impactful when it blends into a user’s daily life and users find ease and joy in interacting with the design.

Nurizzah's products may look simple but often come with a surprise element. Apart from product design, she has also studied UI/UX, graphic design and spatial design. She spends her free time taking and editing videos and photos.


Mellow – portable meditative food and drink warmer

Mellow was designed to promote 'Slow Living' during meal times amongst the younger generation in Singapore. Based on research into new trends in relaxation, as well as being inspired by traditional meditation methods such as Japanese tea ceremonies and singing bowls, Mellow aims to introduce a new way to make meditation fun yet portable.

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