School of Spatial &
Product Design

Huang Song Chyi

Huang Song Chyi

Diploma in Interior Design

Chiyi is an artist with a clear sense of direction, constantly working towards her goals. As an individual, she is meticulous and highly motivated, demonstrating a remarkably high level of energy in her works and completing given tasks to her best abilities. Chiyi is also an inquisitive learner that strives to provide design directions that break away from the status quo, in order to best explore new ideas and concepts.



Conjoin is a cat cafe concept that allows people to establish an open, authentic connection with cats. It offers a space for cats and humans to interact, offering visitors a reprieve from the stress of busy urban life.

The design concept is inspired by the body of a cat, represented within the triangular shape formed by the ways they sit, their ears and their feet. After combining the shapes, a geometric pattern with triangles is formed, linking the parts to showcase the connection between them. This echoes the purpose of the cat cafe which encourages interactions between humans and cats.

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