School of Spatial &
Product Design

Xiong Yaqian

Xiong Yaqian

Diploma in Interior Design

Yaqian is passionate about creating beautiful and functional spaces that can enhance people’s lives. She is constantly seeking ways to weave new ideas and design concepts into her design. An important aspect of her work is researching materials, their tactility and impact on space, something which she enjoys doing. Yaqian loves exploring new cities and museums and frequently draws inspiration from her journeys. She is excited about her prospects of continued learning that will allow her to grow as a designer.



LUCKY BOX is a design of a pop-mart shop where, unlike traditional retail stores, customers are able to engage with products. For the customer, buying and opening a blind box offers a unique and temporary shopping experience that reveals the products and merchandise in a new and engaging way. LUCKY BOX's purpose is to create an unboxing experience that is unexpected, memorable and enjoyable.

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