School of Spatial &
Product Design

Xu Minhao

Xu Minhao

Diploma in Interior Design

As a spatial designer, Minhao draws inspiration from the inherent potential of existing spaces. His design process involves experimentation with design elements and furniture in order to better incorporate them into spaces. He believes that designs need to be all encompassing and that placement and choice of the furniture play a crucial role in shaping overall spatial experiences. Minhao is a keen student of different design softwares that allow him to push experimentation to another level. He hopes for opportunities to work in different office settings that will help him to further develop his design skills and grow as a designer.



AREO LAB is a multifunctional urban hydroponic farm that features art installation walls and dynamic lighting effects to recreate a soothing forest ambiance. Its design encourages visitors to explore the interior spaces within. The farm displays rare plant varieties to inspire creativity while teaching and engaging youth about innovative agriculture.

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