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Vaishnavi Bhaskar Dinakar

Vaishnavi Bhaskar Dinakar

MA Art Therapy
2018 — 2020

Vaishnavi Dinakar is an emerging art therapist who has been pursuing her passion in Indian classical dance, Bharatanatyam, since the age of five. Her interest in mental health and the arts led her to pursue MA Art Therapy in Singapore right after she completed her BA Psychology. Vaishnavi has a strong interest in forensic art therapy and is extremely passionate about working with individuals in prison and mandated rehabilitative settings in a trauma-informed practice. Through her clinical internship, she evolved in her practice and focused on amplifying the voice of the client, promoting safety and empowerment. Her experience has been a humbling one where she feels very privileged to have journeyed with her clients.


Self-liberation Through Emotional Purging

Video production 2020 (Screenshots from the video)

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Thesis abstract

The impact of trauma-informed art therapy on adolescent girls in mandated residential rehabilitation: a qualitative study

This thesis discusses the impact of trauma-informed art therapy on adolescent females in mandated residential rehabilitation. Adolescents that become part of the child welfare system have most likely experienced some form of trauma. Due to the lack of treatment and proper intervention, they may present maladaptive behaviours which eventually cause them to come into conflict with the law. The literature review therefore explores the conceptualisation of trauma from a global and Singaporean context and its impact on an adolescent from a neurobiological, developmental and relational aspect. This study is a qualitative practitioner-based research that collects data from a multiple-case vignette. The art therapist trainee conducts a transformative review by adapting the Audio Image Recording (AIR) research tool to be used within her clinical practice with the aim of promoting internalisation. A thematic analysis was conducted on the data collected and the findings show that the formation of a therapeutic alliance and the manifestation of a visual voice allowed the residents to experience an improved sense of safety, autonomy and witness the emergence of the self.

Work experience

2019 – 2020
Art therapist trainee in a residential care centre.
Conducted trauma informed, Individual art therapy, with adolescents.

Art therapist trainee at a halfway house.
Co-faciliated group art therapy for adults recovering from substance abuse